Ymacs is a javascript based code editor that works entirely in browser to mimic Emacs code editor , with several features to boast of, including syntax highlighting theming support, Important shortcut keys of Emacs are already covered and If you are getting curious about it . Just check it out here at YMacs Demo



A screenshot of YMacs at work, I changed the background to light and also font size was increased.

Features of Emacs that Ymacs covers are,

Ymacs currently can do the following (and I think it worths its name):

  • Emacs-like movement keys:
    • by character (ARROW_RIGHT, ARROW_LEFT, C-f, C-b)
    • by line (ARROW_UP, ARROW_DOWN, C-n, C-p)
    • by word (C-ARROW_RIGHT, C-ARROW_LEFT, M-f, M-b)
    • by paragraph (C-ARROW_UP, C-ARROW_DOWN)
    • even by balanced expressions in some modes (C-M-f, C-M-b, C-M-n, C-M-p)
      (but this is really slow currently)
    • beginning of buffer (C-HOME, M-<)
    • end of buffer (C-END, M->)
  • Emacs-like text manipulation commands:
    • transpose chars (C-t)
    • transpose words (M-t)
    • transpose lines (C-x C-t)
    • upcase word (M-u)
    • downcase word (M-l)
    • capitalize word (M-c)
    • center line (M-s)
    • word killing (M-d, M-DELETE, C-BACKSPACE)
    • dabbrev-expand (M-/) — autocomplete the word at point
    • text filling (M-q)
  • Emacs-like editing modes (currently JavaScript, XML, Lisp and Markdown):
    • modes can provide custom keymaps
    • and syntax highlighting
    • and automatic indentation
    • highlighting matching parentheses
  • And other features implemented in a very Emacs-like fashion:
    • undo queue
    • mark, kill ring and transient mark
    • minibuffer and mode line
    • interactive search
    • multiple buffers
    • split frames (C-x 2 or C-x 3 to split frame, C-x 1 to delete-other-frames)
    • prefix keys, keymaps
    • markers, overlays and text properties

It relies on Ajax and is truly a wonderful example of superior abilities of Ajax, It is created by Mihai Bazon and He is also interested to enhance this Ajax utility and if you are interested in being a developer or for more details just visit the official home page at Ymacs