WWDC 2012: Key Products Launched at Apple WWDC

By | June 12, 2012

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has come a long way since its first ever conference in 1983. From a gathering limited to only a few developers during its initial days, WWDC  now witnesses the strength of more than 6000 people every year. Apple conducts WWDC annually in California. 

WWDC 2012 Product Launch

WWDC 2012 Product Launch

Tim Cook addressed the WWDC 2012 on stage as the new CEO of Apple. The keynote speech at WWDC 2012 began SIRI appearing on the big black screen with jokes targeted at the gathering, human behavior, Samsung and Android.

“I see lots of familiar interfaces in the crowd. How many software developers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, that’s a hardware problem.”

“it’s hard for me to get emotional, because as you can tell, my emotions haven’t been programmed yet. I’m really looking forward to the new Samsung. Not the phone, the fridge..!!! And has anyone worked with (Android operating systems) Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean? Who’s naming these things, Ben and Jerry?”

— SIRI Jokes at WWDC 2012

The humorous start of the speech was well appreciated by the audience and filled them with loads of enthusiasm. Tim Cook was very well received by the audience as humor was something that was not that common at WWDC.

The WWDC witnessed some of major product launches and developments. Apple unveiled the new  iOS 6, the new MacBook Pro and Air, and even its own Mapping App which has the capability of weakening Google Maps.

Lets have look at these products one by one

Major Products Launched at WWDC 2012


iOS6, the all new mobile OS was unveiled by Apple’s software development head Scott Forstall. The new iOS provides more than 200 feature updates as compared to recently launched iOS 5. The new iOS enables

Features of New iOS6

  • SIRI to launch its own apps and tweet on behalf of the user
  • All new Facebook integration with single sign in
  • Offline reading list for Safari 🙂 (Loved the feature)
  • Share groups of pictures to iCloud and even comment on it
  • VIP mail feature to notify the emails of important people on you email list
  • Location enabled Passbook to keep track of your credit cards and other card and ticket information
  • Integration of Apples own Maps

New MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro is amazingly thin from the sides. Phil Schiller ( SVP, Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc.) said that its its even thinner than its finger, while introducing MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro is only 0.71 mm thin, 4.6 pounds in weight, and proudly boasts of its new Retina Display. 

Features of New MacBook Pro

  • 15.4″ Screen
  • Retina Display
  •  2880×1800 resolution
  • Up to 16 gb RAM
  • Graphics card with 1 GB memory ( a 768 gb SSD is also provided)
  • Battery Life of 7 hours
  • One can even configure MacBook Pro with quad core i7 processor

Apple Maps

Apple launched its mapping solutions at the WWDC 2012. The new mapping solution has deepened the rivalry with the internet king Google. The Apple Mapping service is integrated with Yelp, also plans to give turn by turn navigation to iPhone

Apple Maps Features

  • Maps contains local search data, custom mapping tiles
  • 100,000,000 business listings
  • Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Anonymously crowdsource traffic data
  • 3D images of big cities

These were the key product launch and development at the WWDC 2012. Do share your thoughts on the developments going on.


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