Windows Startup Slow – Try this and Windows Loads Fast Now !!

By | October 8, 2008

Windows starting up too late or windows taking too much time to load has been a headache for most of us, we can reduce load timings by reducing number of applications launched at startup using msconfig->startup but still that isa sacrifice that we  make and it would be nice if we had some yardstick or tool to measure which programs are actually causing the delay and then we can easily remove them while saving others who were being sacrificed instead of the guilty ones !

Now we have such a utility called Boot Log XP which is equivalent to BootVis , which is now discontinued by Microsoft ,  It shows in a report and graphical format which program or application is causing you to wait longer and it shows load times of each program , giving you a clear hint of what to disable and what not .


Windows Slow Boot

Just Download it from link  given at end of this post and then launch it and click on "test at next boot" , now the next time your system boots it will take a bit longer but then BootLogXp will work in background and after your windows has loaded this application will show you all your load times in detail.

Windows Slow Boot

Download BootLogXP

It’s a trial version but I do not think that would matter much, just download it. run  it and find the culprits and then you do not need it again , until you are again stuck with high windows loading times ..

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