Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support Installing Apps on microSD Card

By | June 27, 2012

According to the recent reports by CNET, the upcoming Windows Phone 8 might not support installing applications on to the microSD card. Instead, it will support installing applications from the memory card to the phone memory, a feature that enterprises will make use of. Companies can create and deploy apps without any need of the Marketplace.

To deploy an application onto the Marketplace organisations have to face longer approval times. These apps are specific to organisation’s use and only available to its employees and usually hidden from prying eyes. This feature in WP 8 certainly going to help enterprises.

It is also worth knowing that during the unveiling of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft said that their newest OS will support removable memory cards, that can be used to store Photos, Music, Videos and installing apps. The external card will be formatted in the proprietary NTFS format which can be used on other devices as well.


CNET, in reference to the slide shown at the TechEd 2012 event reports that here installing apps doesn’t mean the ability to install application on the microSD card, but it is the other  way round.

As a regular user this feature doesn’t make sense to me, with the size of apps, and mostly games, increasing day by day, the phone memory could be diminished within days. I think Microsoft must take this issue seriously.

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