What is My IP ? Now Google Tells That to You

By | December 2, 2011

Earlier when you searched for the phrase  ” What is my IP Address”  you were generally shown this search result which had all the Websites that would show you your IP , check a sample screenshot

But now ,  Google knows that many people are interested in knowing their IP address and so  here comes the google magic like many others ( Google calculator & Google Unit / Currency Conversion ) so now you will directly get your IP address when you type any query related or similar to “What is my IP address”  and you can easily know your IP address and as for the location of your IP , well that will also be shown on the left bottom , below all search settings

I love such shortcuts by google , but owners of all the websites that earlier gave us our IP address will totally be unhappy as now their visitors will fall off drastically  , What an Irony !

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