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By | August 3, 2012

Mike Senna devoted 4-5 hours daily to bring the famous and adorable fictional robot to reality. Senna himself is a robot enthusiast and a computer programmer by profession took inspiration form the 2008 Pixar movie fictional WALL-E (who was designed to clean up a trash covered Earth far in the future) and decided to make real life version of it. But this real version of WALL-E is intends tomake cancer affected children smile at the City of Hope (NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center).

Wall-E by Mike Senna

Wall-E by Mike Senna

Mike Senna started working on making the real life WALL-E in 2012 and has since then spent 38oo hours in making it. Senna has also built real life R2-D2 robot in 2003 form the famous Star Wars movie. He admitted that building R2 was tough but building WALL-E was tougher and much more challenging in terms of giving it the same looks and same moves as in the movie. But at last Mike was successful in building the real life WALL-E, which is capable of imitating in the same way and make sounds like it did in the movie.

Wall E with People at a Hotel in Disneyland

Wall E with People at a Hotel in Disneyland


Real life WALL-E at a Hotel Event in Disneyland

Real life WALL-E at a Hotel Event in Disneyland

Mike says that as making the kids see WALL-E waving to them and calling out there name is priceless and the ultimate reward for him 🙂

All we can say well done Mike, your endeavors has surely paid off really well.

Demonstration of Unfinished WALL-E

Maker Faire 2012: The Wall-E Builders Club

Mike Senna along buith WALL-E along with Mike McMaster

Wall-E Official Trailer

R2D2 Life Form Scanner

Watch the video of remote controlled R2 D2 bulit by Mike Senna

What say people….Interesting and Extremely Adorable…Right.. I was completely floored by the movie and now the real life invention has floored me too 🙂

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