Unable to send files-call through Gtalk – The Solution

By | October 13, 2008

Unable to send files call in Gtalk

Have you ever  been frustrated at your Gtalk just because it would not send files or would not allow you to call your friend , I have been hit by thing several time until I saw the solution somewhere and I am writing the solution here and now,

Now you might be remembering these error messages in google talk,


You cannot call because "Your Friend" is using chat in Gmail or another chat program other than Google Talk.

You cannot send files because "Your Friend" is using chat in Gmail or is using another chat program.

The solution is easy and simple,

1. Logout of Gmail if it is open in your browser ( firefox,IE,safri,opera anything)

2. Now sign out of Gtalk and login again , this time you would be able to send files and call your frinds

So, the real culprit is the currently open Gmail  tab/window just logout of it and logout of your Gtalk too , and relogin in Gtalk to get the things going smooth and the problem is resolved then .

Hope it helped ,

13 thoughts on “Unable to send files-call through Gtalk – The Solution

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  2. a

    does not work

    close gmail in broswer

    logout and login but does not work

    still searching google

  3. Aura

    Omg…. this toootally did NOT work.
    And it’s frustrating as hell… my friend and I are constantly sending files back and forth and suddenly he can’t send files to me but I can still send them to him.

  4. Logo designer

    Hi sir…
    I have the problem too…..i m logout and then login…
    some time its ok…..some time its still not working…
    the solution is not perfect……..still searching……!

  5. Ravi Agrawal

    If both the people are connected via GPRS (or are using the same Internet Connection) which NATs multiple connections, then it is not possible to send Files. I have faced the same problem many times.

    Try to use Yahoo Messenger instead. It works.


  6. frons

    I know it has to do with what version you install, EN-US or EN-GB is the correct version, but I cannot find, argh..

  7. googlefan

    enjoy sending files with -nomutex switch in gtalk:)

  8. scbarc

    I had to go into settings and change to “save chat history in my Gmail account” to be able to send files.

  9. Jean

    It works for me now !
    What I did.
    1.Uninstall Gtalk
    2. Delete all files related to it in
    (C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data)
    (C:\Program Files\Google\Update)
    (C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk)
    3. Reinstall it.

    Should work like charm

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