Ultimate Method to Download Any Video Flash Audio Mp3 or Streaming Content from Any Site

By | September 27, 2009

Friends, you must have tried numerous ways to download videos / mp3 by using various plugins for firefox or other softwares or websites that did this for you , but now I am going to tell you a method that looks techie but is really easy and can help you download anything, YES you heard me right, just Anything off the internet so may it be any Video, audio , mp3 or any other streaming stuff from any website I’m not just talking about youtube or dailymotion or any other video sharing site but rather  for any site , even if they are using their custom player and stuff .



1. Get  Fiddler – it’s a HTTP debugging proxy ( Dont worry about the name , you dont have to do any debugging with it )  and then Install and run it .

You will see a screen like this


2. Now the actual concept is that Fiddler can see every website and file  that you open from Internet on your web browser or even inside any other software , now we would use this fact this way that we will open a website containing media ( video suppose ) then we will also keep a look on fiddler window for all the files that are being downloaded . Now when you press play on the video /mp3 and it begins to play ( stream)  you will see that fiddler window would have  many rows of all the connections that took place , all you have to do is find out the row that shows a Downward Green arrow constantly while the video/mp3 is playing

NOTE – While you open Website pages a lot of such rows would be created , to get rid of them just click on Remove-> Remove All  at the top toolbar menu . So as soon as you  reach the page which has the video/mp3/flash just  click on remove all once to clear all rows and so you can easily find the actual link without looking for it among large no. of rows .


So in my case I opened a Youtube  page and  I pressed on play and then I looked on Fiddler , and there you can see the Highlighted yellow part is the actual link  as the arrow is green constantly and the Body column has value = –1

I will soon make a video tutorial for this . If any of you guys have problems while doing this just ask me in comments .

Here’s the Video tutorial as promised , have a look


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