Security is the biggest concern of any file transfer that is taking place. In any organization there are many file transfers that take place throughout the day, it could be work related or any confidential document that are needed by a colleague, friend. There are many software available for encryption but usually they are very heavy software and makes the system extremely slow. Here with this article I shall share with you two web apps that will take care of all your encryption needs.

Best Apps for File Encryption from Browser

File Lock

File Lock: To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser

File Lock: To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser

File Lock is one of the good file encryption service that we came across. File Lock runs entirely on HTML5 technologies, and there is absolutely no need to install an extension for using it in your browser.

All one need to do is visit File Lock website, and then choose a file that needs to be encrypted, type password and click Enrypt button. If there are more that one file that need to be encrypted then you need to repeat the process for every file. In 4-5 seconds depending upon the speed of the network your browser would have created an encrypted version of the file that is ready to transfer. Please note that the receiver of the encrypted file and decrypt the file only by going to File Lock site only. It will be a quick process don’t worry about that.

Users please make a note that if you are planning to encrypt and lot of files and big documents then please resort to a nice desktop based application. File Lock warns if you have used upto 30MB mark. : To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser : To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser

Another alternative to encrypt files from browser is to use encryption service. To be honest doesn’t give you an encrypted file, but it still facilitates an encrypted way to share a file. What resorts to local encryption through your browser and then lets you can upload a file that needs to be encrypted with a password of your choice or the one generated, and then it will provide a secure link which will let you or anyone share the link and download the file.

Here are the few points that one needs to know about
  • Files are encrypted with 128-bit client-side AES encryption
  • It encrypts the file that you want to share
  • It uploads the encrypted file to the site
  • The recipient downloads the encrypted file
  • The recipient’s browser decrypts the file locally before asking them for the desired save location
  • You can see how many views or days the file has stayed on server before it’s deleted max is 7 days
  • Its open source


These web apps will solve the purpose if your file is not too big. But i highly recommend that you use desktop application like TrueCrypt for bigger and more confidential files. Desktop applications are more secure and offer a better environment for encryption purpose.