Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Users

By | November 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has stirred the market with a record 5 million devices sold in just 2 month since its launch. The looks, the display, the features, the power, the awesome battery backup, everything makes the new Galaxy Note 2 hot favorite of all gadgets lovers. However every phone needs some of dressing up to be done with apps. The powerful Galaxy Note 2 runs on Android Jelly Bean operating system. There are however some features and tricks that we can utilize and make our Galaxy note 2 a little more awesome that it was ever before. Lets have a look at what more Galaxy Note 2 can do for you.

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S pen Detection Off Option

The moment you take out the S pen from you Note 2, by default it is detected even when you are not using it. You can turn this option off to save give a few more minutes of battery.

Clear Cache

Even Galaxy Note can run out of memory, so the best thing one can do is to simply go to the application manager tap the apps that are occupying the memory and then hit the clear cache button.

Left Hand Vs Right Hand

All the Southpaws you people can change the S Pen setting to recognize left handed patterns.

HDR Mode Clicks

By enabling the HDR mode in the camera settings you can click some of the best looking pictures around you and earn accolades for your photography skills 🙂

Call Block

If you are tired of unwanted calls from unwanted person at unwanted time, then hit the Settings button and you can specify name, number or time that you find annoying.

Surround Box

In the Accessories menu check the Surround Box icon to experience the surround sound in your Galaxy Note 2.

MicroUSB Port for HD Video and Audio

The Galaxy Note 2 has a feature of getting directly connected to your TV and give output of HD Videos and Audios by simply plugging in the MHL to HDMI converter to the MicroUSB port of the phone, unlike its predecessor the Galaxy Note 1.

Capture Small Screenshots

If you think that only full screen can be captured as screenshots then you are mistaken. You just need to take out the S-Pen and draw the outline around the part you want to capture (in whatever shape you want) and capture that screen as a screenshot 🙂

Hope you found these tips a bit handy to use. If you have any tips and tricks that you think can be shared here then please do drop in your ideas an experiences 🙂


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