The LEGO Story: Real Life Business Inspiration for All (Video)

By | August 21, 2012

Toys are the first step of a child towards the world of creativity. We owned all sorts of toys from fancy toys on wheels to He-man, Barbie Dolls, Engineering Kit, and of course those Colorful LEGO Building Blocks. I bet none of ours childhood had passed without the use of LEGO Building Blocks. We all grew making up those colorful interlocking plastic bricks into some of gravity defying shapes, designs and objects of our imagination. Creativity and Imagination was just the limit 🙂

The Lego Story: Lego Bricks

The Lego Story: Lego Bricks

Those colorful plastic bricks looked very simple to use, but there is a very interesting story behind it and the company that created it i.e. LEGO. LEGO toys completed 80 years and to mark the success of the company a short animated movie was released to showcase the struggles Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Mr. Godtfred Kirk Christiansen had been through in making up a very successful business venture.

The story of LEGO is extremely inspiring and a must see for all of us who aspire to be big but somewhere succumb to situations and time. LEGO story had continuously inspired many entrepreneurs. Form a simple wooden toy making very small business unit to a market leader in business.

A perfect business venture is a blend of ideas, creativity, ideals and undeterred spirit (come what may) that takes us places. Have a look at the LEGO Story and take a little dose of inspiration. If they can so can you. Possibilities are endless and limitless 🙂

The LEGO Story: Animated Short Movie

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  1. Neeraj Rawat

    Hi Meghna,

    Really great stuff that you have brought forward. never thought that LEGO Bricks were the outcome of such brainstorming and creativity. You are one good blogger that I have come across. Keep Writing More….Girl 🙂

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