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full fared Exoskeleton suit's concept

Futuristic Technology of Militaries in the World

Futuristic Technology of Militaries of the World Tanks were used during World War 1 for the first time in the history of warfare; nobody knew about this technology before but today it a necessity for every armed force in the world. In today’s modern warfare

World's Largest 110-Inch Ultra HD TV by Samsung

110-Inch Ultra HD TV by Samsung: Key Features and Price

Whoa…!!! Was our first reaction when we first heard about this Beastly 110 inch Ultra HD TV by Samsung which is 8.5 feet (2.6m) wide and 5.9 feet (1.8m) tall and which definitely is World’s Largest Ultra HD TV. Samsung even boast that the resolution of its 110-inch

Highest Paying Company for Software Engineers Juniper Networks

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers

The information which we shall provide now is according to a research done by Glassdoor which according to them are the highest paying companies of a software engineer in US. Have a look at the annual base salaries of software engineers from 15 of the best

Apple Macbook Pro Launches in India

Apple Macbook Pro Launches in India @ Rs 99,900

Within a month of unveiling its next generation 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook Pro models,  Apple launched its all new range of Macbook Pro laptops in India, and thus revamping its product line of Macbook Pro laptops in Indian markets. The 13-inch Macbook Pro model will fetch a starting

Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear: A Smartwatch With Ultimate Style Statement

Huge rumors and big speculations surrounded the concept of smartwatch, but finally Samsung has become the first company to unveil a watch that truly is smart. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear Android powered Smartwatch at the IFA Berlin today alongwith the new Galaxy Note 3. Samsung’s CEO JK

Giant KitKat Statue Outside Google Headquater

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat: Android 4.4 is named Kit Kat

Android Kit Kat it is…!!! The new version of Android Operating System i.e Android 4.4 is Kit Kat. The famous chocolate wafer bar sharing its name with leading mobile OS came as a surprise to many as it was believed that Google was earlier planning to name

Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes and burned a house in HongKong

Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes: Burns a House in HongKong

The phone that is selling like hot cakes in the market, burned an apartment in HongKong. The Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded and set the whole apartment into flames in no time.  The couple who resided in the house escaped and suffered minor injury, but their house