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Quickly Change Your Default Browser via System tray

Here is this small software utility to quickly change the current default browser on Windows systems easily via the system tray. Some people will ask what’s the need to change my default browser, well to answer you it’s a straight simple tool to do various

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Most Common Slangs on internet Chat and Email

One often hears some slang words like woot and ASL on internet chats and Emails and wonders what do these words actually mean, these are basically slangs used on the WWW and here is a brief list of some common and popular slang words used

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Latest Free GPRS trick for Airtel users – India

Airtel Free GPRS trick for Indians just add these settings in your connection settings of airtel live or mobile office in your mobile phone and do take a backup of the settings that you have currently , AIRTEL FREE GPRS SETTINGS Proxy : Apn: