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Best Free Android Apps

5 Free Must Have Apps for Android

Its certainly Android that is the most talked about operating system for mobile devices, and not only mobile phones but also many other electronic devices. Andorid’s features, security, applications everything add to the great users experience. Presented below are some of the best free app

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Find Address And Location Of Any Mobile / Telephone Number From Mobile

Now you can  Resolve any Telephone Number to its geographical location by using a service named tp2location. By using this service you can find the location and Address of any Mobile / Telephone or Landline number.  Its not that much, tp2location also provides you the complete information about

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Most Common Slangs on internet Chat and Email

One often hears some slang words like woot and ASL on internet chats and Emails and wonders what do these words actually mean, these are basically slangs used on the WWW and here is a brief list of some common and popular slang words used

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How to Show Hidden Files in FileZilla FTP Client

Webmasters like me have to have constantly interact with their Web server through FTP client and one of the most popular FTP client is FileZilla but I got stuck when I could not find the Show Hidden Files option in FileZilla ,It took me lot