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How to Devastate your Linux OS – Try Fork Bomb

I came across this ultimately killing,lethal command that is said to hang up your Linux system and crash it down by activating large number of processes one after the another , this is also known as ForkBomb because this is what this command actually does,

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Need Help Finding a Good Domain Name ?

Well , guys I had lots of struggling while searching for domain names, for my upcoming projects and so I think it would be better to write a blog post detailing how to find good domain names and also the various tools and softwares to

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How to Do Yahoo Webcam chat in Ubuntu Linux

Ever wished to have a Yahoo Webcam chat in your Linux but all you could get was a text chat using pidgin , well for those who did not knew this there is a special multi protocol IM client ( these are those that support

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Divide/Join PDF Files – Freeware Software

Have you ever had a ebook that is more than 200 pages  or so and the very fact that you have to finish up such a long ebook puts you off, well then here is the solution . Download this excellent freeware software that divides

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Watch an ASCII Star Wars Movie right at your Command Prompt

This one is Geeky and interesting too , people at have done Telnetification of ASCII Star Wars movie (originally at )  so you can watch STAR WARS the ASCII way just by telnetting . Windows Users – can  Open Run and type                                                 “telnet

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Make Bootable USB drive for any Linux Distro !!

Now, It is way too easy to make a Bootable USB drive with a ISO image file of your favourite Linux distro that you downloaded. I googled  for this and I got tools that made bootable USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE  etc. but ,