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How to Devastate your Linux OS – Try Fork Bomb

I came across this ultimately killing,lethal command that is said to hang up your Linux system and crash it down by activating large number of processes one after the another , this is also known as ForkBomb because this is what this command actually does, this Linux command will keep on forking new processes until… Read More »

Watch an ASCII Star Wars Movie right at your Command Prompt

This one is Geeky and interesting too , people at  http://blinkenlights.nl have done Telnetification of ASCII Star Wars movie (originally at http://www.asciimation.co.nz/ )  so you can watch STAR WARS the ASCII way just by telnetting . Windows Users – can  Open Run and type                                                 “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl” (without the quotes) Linux Users can use their shell… Read More »

12 Unique features of Chrome – Fast and Powerful Web Browser from Google !!

Sending initial buzzes throughout the Blogging World , Google finally launched their Web browser named     ” Chrome” (beta). It was a hasty launch as some information about Chrome has already leaked over the net and to prevent damage to their plans Google had to launch it prematurely, Whatever be the past , at present… Read More »

Messaging + Email + Social networks – Ultimate Free Software for Linux/Windows/Mac

Digsby is the ultimate software you will ever need for all your online socializing needs , With lots of Email providers, Social networks and Chat networks , I am sure you would be fed up switching between Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger and  the list is endless , Even for a free person it’s… Read More »