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Presentations on Open Source from OSCON – Over 100 of them

O’Reilly organized the Open Source Convention from July 21-25 in which several eminent speakers,programmers from  various top notch companies like Google,Yahoo,MYSQl,Sun etc. , participated and gave presentations , some of them have been made publicly available and believe me these presentations are superb as they

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Make Bootable USB drive for any Linux Distro !!

Now, It is way too easy to make a Bootable USB drive with a ISO image file of your favourite Linux distro that you downloaded. I googled  for this and I got tools that made bootable USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE  etc. but ,

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Watch Open network cameras around the world

I still can not believe that , in this era of Internet why do people tend to forget to set passwords and take measures to protect their privacy . Here we have a perfect example of laziness or ignorance of people who buy network enabled