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Best Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is undoubtedly the best android phone in market now. Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone in market with latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system. The all new screen Android 4.0 has provided a  new experience in using Android. Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the most awaited smartphones, with a really beautiful… Read More »

Stop Online Piracy Act Upset IT Giants: Calls It Draconian

Stop Online Piracy Act ( SOPA), is causing rage among the IT biggies, the US House of Representatives has received letter form Facebook, Google, Twitter,  Yahoo, Amazon, Linkedin, and many other top notch companies. The Stop Piracy Online Act (SOPA), was brought forward to the US House of Representatives this October 2011. SOPA  aims to protect the copyright and trademark… Read More »

Easiest Way to Speed up your WordPress Blog | Make Fast with Web Optimizer Plugin

Speed up your WordPress Blog in the quickest and best possible manner including Server side and client side improvements via this plugin named Web Optimizer, from the description on the plugin page and it’s presence on the Google code repository It  made me firmly believe that this plugin will surely get the task of Speeding up… Read More »