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Facebook Home for Android

Facebook Home: Facebook Phone is here for Android

In the midst of speculations and rumors Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Facebook Phone. Well its not what it sounds like. Facebook Phone is actually called as Facebook Home wherein the social networking giant unveiled the way it is integrated with Android devices. Facebook Home changes

Facebook News Feed

How to Get New Facebook News Feed and its Features

“Goodbye Clutter, Hello bright, beautiful stories.” This is what Facebook has to say about the new Facebook News Feed. Facebook unveiled its new news feed to public at an Press Event this Thursday (7th March 2012) and one thing is for sure…the news feed looks fresh and different

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Unveils Graph Search: Better Internal Search System

All this while there was real curiosity in minds of all that “What Facebook is Working On ?” Well the answer is here now, Facebook today unveiled the Graph Search, or to simply put it, a better and smarter internal search system. Mark Zuckerberg today (15th January 2013) at the

The All New Facebook Messenger

The New Facebook Messenger: Sign In with just your Phone Number

Facebook has given a very good upgrade to its messenger app for Android users. Form now on even non Facebook account-holders and users can access the messenger service by just providing there phone number and name, unlike in the previous version where one had to login to FB messenger

Most Irritating Facebook Activities

Most Irritating Facebook Habits of People

Sometimes don’t you feel irritated while you go through all those updates from your friends. Facebook has really become one place where one can do anything that they like, gossiping, deliberately asking for suggestions, TMI’s (ohh these one’s are a headache), the list is endless.

How to change facebook Username

How to Change Facebook Page Username

Facebook give the option of choosing a username for your Facebook Page for eg: once you gather minimum 25 likes, provided that username is not restricted or already booked. The unique Facebook username give a direct brand identity to your website or blog or any

PinView on Facebook: View Facebook as Pinterest

PinView: View Facebook Timeline as Pinterest

Did you ever thought of managing your Facebook Timeline as easily as you managed your Pinterest Board ? Well your wish is Facebook’s command. Pin View is the app that lets you view and manage your FB Timeline just as Pinterest. All your feeds, updates,

Facebook IPO

Just In: Facebook File for IPO this Feb 2012

The long  and desperately awaited Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offer) is all set to roll this February 2012. Facebook Inc will be filing papers for it first IPO in the coming month. The Facebook IPO could be  the biggest ever i.e $10 billion. Financial sector giant