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3 Tools to Download Music from Grooveshark

No matter how much trouble Grooveshark is undergoing, we still flock into it for streaming music. And we are sure it will revive from the crisis soon with a new strategy. Currently Grooveshark is working on User Generated Radio Station called as “Broadcast”, with which we can expect it to switch to growth mode. Let’s hope Grooveshark… Read More »

Best of Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony GIF Pictures

London Olympics closing ceremony (12th August 2012) was a mark of celebration of 16 days of grilling sporting experience. There were numerous GIF’s that circulated the web throughout the games. The grand night of the Closing ceremony saw the best people from entertainment industry congratulating and appreciating all the players and people associated with London Olympics. In this… Read More »

Exclusive: Download Microsoft Office 2013

How will an organization ever function without Microsoft Office. Infact we can even address Microsoft office as our business partner, a friend, in short our partner in crime. Microsoft has recently released beta version of Office 2013. And the most important change that Mirosoft that has done in Office 2013 is completely changing the look and feel… Read More »

5 High Resolution Stunning Wallpapers for New iPad Retina Display

Wallpapers brings life to any gadget. And with the new Retina Display for iPad’s which offer 2048 x 1536 resolution one would be needing this huge  2048 x 1536 resolution wallpaper to be mesmerized. The new iPad 3 provide 3.1-million pixels and 44% greater color saturation than other iPad’s available in market. So its pretty obvious one needs to have… Read More »