Surf Internet at Office without getting Caught !!

By | October 3, 2008

Someone once said ” Necessity is mother of all Inventions ” , and yes here we have a invention in itself a Web browser so perfectly designed and developed that it can even fool you about it’s presence . Ghostzilla is a wonderful Web-browser although no work has been done on it since 2004, so it may not render some new websites correctly but the best part is it’s usability and the long feature list that makes it the perfect browser for surfing at offices .

ghostzilla surf at office

This browser overlays itself on any open window, so it can run virtually inside any opther window like MS Word,powerpoint,outlook etc. the font colors are grayed  out and the images are only visible when you move mouse over them and those too are greyed out, the browser disappears as soon as you move your cursor out of the window, and to bring it back you have to take mouse to left corner of screen then right and then again left, so you do’nt have any chance of getting caught, also ads and popups are removed .

Ghostzilla requires no installation and can be run directly from a USB drive.

Download Ghostzilla (direct download)

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