imageI just downloaded Opera 10 beta, on a friend’s advice and I was amazed by the speed and new UI looks, Opera 10 got me  on steroids on Internet with the all new turbo mode . Even dial-up users can surf and cruise the Internet at broadband speeds with pages loading within 3-4 sec.

You can enable Turbo mode via Tools->Quick preferences->Enable Turbo

Another icing on the cake was the new Visual tabs feature .which allows you to navigate

the open tabs in a visually appealing and quickly manner , Just drag down the series of dots below the tab area to see the visual representation. image

Rest of the features like Speed dial,Quick notes, Built in Email and chat client and a stylish RSS reader stay the same as in earlier versions of Opera .

Now, the secret behind the Opera turbo mode is nothing but a proxy – client scenario , whenever you have opera turbo on as soon as you type a website URL and press enter Opera contacts it’s Web servers which fetch the page for you on their own ( They have very high speeds over 5-10 Gbps of connection) and then they compress that page  and deliver it to you in shortest possible time, the downside is images might look a bit low quality , but remember my friend speed comes at a price .


I created this Diagram to show how Opera turbo Works , hope it’s easy to understand . If opera had extensions of Firefox then I can surely bet It would had been the best browser on Earth .

Also, i would recommend you to configure Opera turbo by right clicking on it , and set it to Automatic mode to enjoy the best of speed and quality !!

Opera also passes the ACID3 test for browsers with Full Score 100/100 , while Firefox Stuck at 71/100 and  Chrome 78/100 with 1 of the tests failing, this shows that Opera fully conforms to all the latest browser standards, you can have an ACID test of your Browser at ACID Test for Browsers , what came as a shock to me was that Internet Explorer * scored just 20/100 ( Shame .) and Safari was at par with opera with a full 100/100 .

Download opera 10 Beta Now !