Whenever we dial some customer care or enquiry number we are greeted with long and boring series of navigational commands “Press1 to do this, 2 to do that and more. .. “ , now if you are a regular caller that hurts but with some clever use of DTMF tones signals knowledge we can trick the IVRs machine and can quickly navigate to wherever we wish inside a menu .image


Suppose You have to dial 131 for train enquiry which asks you further to press 2,3,1 to reach to the specific menu, then to automate this sequence  131 –> 2>3>1  we can use the (*) key on the mobile phone keypad to generate ‘p’ symbols (On Nokia sets  repeatedly press * to get a ‘p’ symbol  , while on Sony Ericsson keep the * key pressed to get a ‘p’ )


So now, just dial 131p2p3p1 for the above sequence of dialling 131 and then entering 2>3>1 to reach the menu without listening to all that gibberish .

Hope this makes you tech life easier and faster .