Send files upto 30GB in a fast secure and easy way to anyone you want and that too for free. Filemail is a free Web app where without registration or login one can select a big file and type in the recipients email and click ‘send’. The recipient will get the link from where they can download the file.

Send Files Upto 30GB for Free via Filemail

Send Files Upto 30GB for Free via Filemail

For the free account you can even opt out of registration process and then also send files. Simply visit Filemail and attach the files that you want to send, but via a free account you can send files only for 7 days and files can be downloaded n number of times during those 7 days. If you choose to attach more than one file then you can download each file individually or as a ZIP file with all the the files.

If you want more features then you need to setup and account signup for paid plans of Filemail that could be a Pro Account or Business account. Pro Account will cost you $9 a month and $90 annually, while the Business Account will cost $15 per month and $150 annually. And not only this, but if you are using other services that are paid like Yousendit/Hightail, you can cancel your subscription and get a Filemail account, and Filemail will match the price and even pay for the period of your subscription (So this is kinda exciting :))

You even get a 14-day free trial period to test the service of Filemail.

Filemail Pricing and Features

Why To Opt For Filemail

  • Is faster and hassle-free compared to sharing via cloud drives
  • Is simpler than uploading to file hosting services
  • Offers much higher file size limit than e-mail accounts
  • Doesn’t force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular e-mail software
  • Offers better transfer speeds than other free services

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