The phone that is selling like hot cakes in the market, burned an apartment in HongKong. The Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded and set the whole apartment into flames in no time.  The couple who resided in the house escaped and suffered minor injury, but their house was into ashes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes and burned a house in HongKong

Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes and burned a house in HongKong

The owner of the unfateful Galaxy S4 is known by the name Du. While being contacted by the reporters about what caused the fire, Du said that he was playing “Love Machine” on his new Samsung Galaxy S4, while it was charging, and he noticed a loud noise of explosion from his phone, he immediately throwed it which unluckily landed on his sofa and then the sofa caught fire and the fire quickly spread over his house.

On being questioned whether he was using original Samsung Charger and other accessories along with his Galaxy S4, Du claimed that the accessories that he was using were original and authentic as it came along with the handset he bought.

The whole incident was brought into light of Samsung HongKong office and they said that they are enquiring over the matter.

This is the third case involving the 9th Samsung mobile phone explosion.

Well Samsung is not the only phone that burns or put a danger to its users life but there are other phones as well. Just a week before a Women in Australia suffered a massive shock from her iPhone 5, and had to be admitted to the hospital.

The original article of the Samsung Galaxy S4 exploding was reported in a Chinese website