Require Password to Open any Windows Exe Program or Software

By | April 14, 2009

You have an important software related to your Official work and you want to keep it safe from kids hand who might accidentally open it and change some settings etc. then here you have a perfect solution , you can try any of these two software which are free to download and use and will instantly secure any Exe file with a password



PROEX and Empathy

Both of these work in a similar fashion they are very small in size and portable so no need to carry them around just keep them anywhere in any of your windows drive and you can launch it from there,  both of these operate in similar fashion, they encrypt the selected software or program Exe file with a password so if you wished no one else other than you can play a game just find it’s exe and encrypt it with any of these ( Make sure you take a backup first as if you forget the password , you may have to reinstall the software).image

Now once encrypted, every time you run it , it will ask for password and you cannot bypass it by ending some task or registry hack as this security is right inside the exe.

If you know of other such similar password protection tools do let us know in the comments.

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