image If you try to open your Mozilla Firefox and you get such a error as “ USE INTERNET EXPLORER YOU DOPE” and it gives messages like “YOUTUBE IS BANNED” and “ORKUT IS BANNED” even though you are using internet directly via your ISP and no college or Workplace proxy server in between then you can start panicking as you have been infected by a virus.

Steps to remove this Virus are as follows .


1. Open Task manager  by pressing ctrl+alt+del and then go to Processes tab

2. Find svchost.exe with your username(warning not a svchost.exe with a SYSTEM as username, as there are about 3-4 svchost.exe services running) end or kill these processes by pressing end process.

2. Open Run.. type  cmd  and then go to c: and then type del heap41a and confirm by pressing yes if it asks for a confirmation.

3. Goto Start -> Regedit -> Edit Tab -> Find -> Search for “heap41a” and delete that key.

4. Close the Registry Editor

That’s it