Recognize a playing song instantly using a Android phone: SoundHound app

SoundHound is a well known app for fast music recognition: just open the app and let it listen to song playing from a speaker for just 4 seconds and you will get the title and artist of the song– it works even if you sing or hum. It features: Lyrics, Buy songs, Share over Facebook, Twitter, Email. It will cost $4.99.

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We have tested the app on android fun and found it great app as it can recognize the song even if you sing or Hum. You can get all the information about song including artist’s bio, related songs, videos, purchase song options, lyrics and more. But there is a limitation to use it only 5 times a month for free.

image thumb1 Recognize a playing song instantly using a Android phone: SoundHound app


SoundHound is an awesome app, very much like Shazam, which can listen to and identify music. The difference here is that SoundHound can identify the songs even when you sing or hum the tune, typing or speaking into the phone! Available for both Android and iPhone, once a song is tagged you get access to a lot of info about the artist including bio, related songs, and videos, option to buy the song with link to Amazon MP3 store, social sharing options, and lyrics if available.

The free version of the app gives you up to 5 tags a month when you allow it to listen, you sing or hum for identification but typing in or voice searching the song title is unlimited. Opting for the paid version, SoundHound ∞ (Infinity), is a onetime charge of $4.99 with unlimited tagging and no ads. I am sure that is fair price to pay for a great application.

The software is easy to use. Just tap on “Tap Here” button to let the app listen to the music, you sing the lyrics, hum it, type it or say the song title. If you’re using the freebie you’ll be capped at 5 tags a month for listen, sing and hum identification. Premium buyers get unlimited tagging. The most interesting thing is the User Interface which is sleek and sexy.

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