oscon_logoO’Reilly organized the Open Source Convention from July 21-25 in which several eminent speakers,programmers from  various top notch companies like Google,Yahoo,MYSQl,Sun etc. , participated and gave presentations , some of them have been made publicly available and believe me these presentations are superb as they are by experienced persons , with a profound knowledge about the future and present of the Technology they spoke on  ,

Some of the interesting ones  are ,

An Introduction to Ruby Web Frameworks

Ryan Briones (The Edgecase)

Paper: An Introduction to Ruby Web Frameworks Paper [PDF]

An overview of a few Ruby Web Frameworks, including basic usage and how to pragmatically choose which one to use, and how Ruby makes them special.

Barely Legal XXX Perl

Jos Boumans (RIPE NCC)

Presentation: Barely Legal XXX Perl Presentation [PDF]

“Barely Legal XXX Perl” shows several features of Perl you might not have known that existed, that are being (ab)used to run a program that was designed never to be able to run in the first place… It’s a high paced, humourous, and entertaining look at Perl’s slightly less obvious features.

Going Open Source: The 20 Most Important Things To Do

Martin Aschoff (AGNITAS AG)

Presentation: Going Open Source_ The 20 Most Important Things To Do Presentation 1 [PDF]

When going open source with your software there are 20 important things you definitely have to do to be successful. Join this session and hear tips and examples from someone who had to learn some of this stuff the hard way.

and several others of these sort , these are worth reading and for those who were not able to attend OSCON it is a gift , so grab them fast !!

OSCON publicly available Presentations

Long Live Open Source ..