Play a Video from a Specific Time Instead of Beginning on YouTube

By | April 11, 2009

Ever wish to Play a YouTube video starting from a specific time like  playing a 3m 25s long video at a imagepoint 1m 20s (m = minutes,  s = seconds) ,  you would like to do this to YouTube specially when the video you are watching is very long or you are on a low bandwidth dialup connection well in any such case just follow these steps and start your favorite music video right from the point where you  want it to be .

Simply add #t=numseconds at the end of each URL of Youtube and the play back will start automatically. For example to skip directly to 68th sec of video or 1m 8s of the video , simply append #t=68s or #t=1m8s at the end of the URL and hit enter. The video will start playing from the specified time onwards.

This is what your final URL will look like;

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6 thoughts on “Play a Video from a Specific Time Instead of Beginning on YouTube

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    What a blog post!! Very informative also easy to understand. Looking for more such posts!! Do you have a twitter? I recommended it on stumbleupon. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of new design. Nevertheless thank you for this blog.

  3. Onn

    Is it possible to do the same for facebook videos?

  4. Jesse

    you use “?t=68s”, not “#t=68s”
    it must’ve changed

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