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By | April 20, 2012

Did you ever thought of managing your Facebook Timeline as easily as you managed your Pinterest Board ? Well your wish is Facebook’s command. Pin View is the app that lets you view and manage your FB Timeline just as Pinterest. All your feeds, updates, pictures, videos will appear in a grid format.

PinView on Facebook: View Facebook as Pinterest

PinView on Facebook: View Facebook as Pinterest

The ambitious developers of PinView launched the new app on Thursday with tagline that said “Browse Facebook Like You Browse Pinterest”. The developers are working on more features to be added to PinView.

 “We are also planning to allow you to sort them based on popularity and other non-realtime properties,”

—  Thomas Petersen ( Co-Developer – PinView)

PinView also received applaud from the very own Mark Zuckerberg. The grid format is gaining popularity all over the web. Pinterest is enjoying enormous popularity by implementing and providing the grid view to people.

“It’s popular because it allow you to quickly scan lots of pictures; that is the strength of this format. It’s not something Pinterest invented, but they found the proper use for it. Imagine if you could browse eBay that way.”

–Thomas Petersen ( Co-Developer – PinView)

Browsing FB Timeline through PinView is pretty much like browsing Pinterest, its simple, easy and clear. In my opinion PinView is extremely useful app, as it provides all the updates of one’s friends in one page without the need to scroll down much. PinView is especially useful for Dormant Facebook users 🙂

So what say, will you be trying it…do let us know your comments 🙂

You can download PinView Here


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