image So, you just downloaded a ZIP file from the Internet and got stuck while opening it with a message such as “Invalid Zip file” or  “Corrupt Zip file” and it asks you to redownload it, now for small files it’s ok but for huge files you wont consider doing that again honestly, neither would I .


Now we have two scenario’s

1.  All Zip file contents are important for you , ie. each and every file in the ZIP , then you have no solution except than redownloading the whole zip file again.

2. If you are interested in only some of the files inside the ZIP archive and not all of them, then you can use this software utility to get those files .

So, for the second scenario we have a freeware utility Disk Internals Zip recovery tool, which can be downloaded here.

This tool would work in most  cases and i hope it would prove useful for you too .