Optimize Ubuntu for better performance: Speed up Ubuntu 10.04


Linux is fast but sometime we need to tweak it to get the best performance out of it. This optimizes the graphical function and speed up the applications. We will be discussing some of the ways to tweak Ubuntu for best performance. The new Ubuntu 10.04 is very fast operating system and has a remarkably low boot time. But, when you run it on an old box (computer) it may give a hitching performance. There are two ways we can speed up Ubuntu 10.04.

1. Prelinking: Prelinking is a process to speed up system by reducing the time the application needs to begin. It is just equivalent to the prebinding process of MacOSX. Prelinking process decreases the time in dynamic linking process (this is done by modifying a series of ELF shared libraries and executable files) and this cause application to work better even in low RAM availability. This is a complex process but you can use it very easily. There is a small software that help you enable Prelinking on Ubuntu.

You can install prelink package from Synaptic Package Manager. Just follow steps given below.

Open Synaptic Package Manager(Enter login password if it ask) from System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager,and search for “prelink“. Mark for installation (check the box). Click on Apply to download and install the package. Now the prelink package is installed and you need to enable prelinking on Ubuntu. Now, browse to System/etc/default/prelink using root power and edit the prelink file as directed below. (Alternatively, you can directly open the file on terminal and edit it with command: $ gksu gedit /etc/default/prelink)

clip image001 thumb5 Optimize Ubuntu for better performance: Speed up Ubuntu 10.04

First, Search for term “prelinking” and change its value from unknown to yes. (This will enable prelinking). Now prelinking is enabled just save and exit. This will speed up tour system.

2. If your old computer with new Ubuntu 10.04 is not able to handle graphics well. It is better to reduce the visual effects.

To facilitate customizing of ubuntu there is application called Ubuntu Tweak. Ubuntu Tweak is an unofficial ubuntu application/utility to configure ubuntu system and appearance. To install ubuntu tweak by downloading package in the official website http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ or synaptics package manager. It is GUI tool. That has many suggestions you just need to select as you want and select apply.

image thumb6 Optimize Ubuntu for better performance: Speed up Ubuntu 10.04

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