Neil Armstrong: 1st Man on Moon Passed Away

By | August 25, 2012

“One Small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” since ages these words has always inspired people who first learnt about the first man to step in Moon, “Neil Armstrong”. The Awe inspiring Astronaut of  Apollo 11 spacecraft passed away at the age of 82 succumbing to cardiac problems.  Neil Armstrong turned 82 on 5th August 2012, and underwent a cardiac surgery on 7th August 2012 to relieve blocked coronary arteries, but passed away on 25th August 2012 at a hospital in Ohio.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

The epics 3 hour walk on Moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969 proved to be historic breakthrough in the history of mankind. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed a US Flag on Moon collected rocks and even spoke to the then President of US Richard Nixon.

Apollo 11 Crew: The First Man Mission on Moon: Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins and Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 11 Crew: The First Man Mission on Moon: Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins and Buzz Aldrin

Neil Armstrong was a very private person in real life. After his Moon mission he chose to be humble man and became Deputy Associate Administrator for Aeronautics at NASA in Washington, and shortly after that he left NASA and opted to become an Aerospace Engineering Professor at the University of Cincinnati. Armstrong’s family described him as

“A loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend, and a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job.”

He has left a huge legacy behind that continues to inspire the future generations, and his achievements makes him the Most Popular Space Hero of all times.

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82

I was his fan since childhood and I still remember when I first learnt about him in school I was eagerly waiting for the Moon to come out in evening and later on spent the whole evening gazing at it and admiring Neil Armstrong. And today I sit by the window yet again gazing at the Moon wishing for Mr. Neil Armstrong to rest in peace. Hat off to you Man…!!!

Even the moon shines in half its glory tonight.

Watch Neil Armstrong taking his Moon Walk

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