Khan Academy Launches All New Computer Science Tutorial

By | August 15, 2012

Khan Academy has inspired and motivated many young students to take up technical education further. And with this objective in mind Khan Academy has taken yet another step forward in raising interest towards Computer Science education. The whole team of Khan Academy’s Computer Science tutorial team is very excited with this project.

Khan Academy Launches Tutorial for Computer Science

Khan Academy Launches Tutorial for Computer Science

“Computer Science is an intensely creative field. We really wanted to focus on creating something that could inspire young children, and get them excited and motivated to explore CS further.”

— Shantanu Sinha (President, Khan Academy)

We’re releasing a completely new platform that targets people with no programming knowledge and gives them an engaging and fun environment to learn in.Over everything else we wanted to emphasize creativity and exploration and make it approachable for people of all ages, including young kids.

— John Resig (Dean, Khan Academy, Computer Science)

Khan Academy is a completely Non Profit Organization which was incorporated in 2008 by an educator Salman Khan, and the oraganization is currently very strongly backed by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google. 

Salman Khan speaking at the TED conference in 2011

Salman Khan speaking at the TED conference in 2011

The new tutorials by Khan Academy can prove to be a great place where students who aspire to learn Computer Science in a very interactive way. The ease and simplicity with which which fundamentals and even complexities of subjects like Maths, Science, Business and Economics, are explained has resulted into huge popularity and recognition of Khan Academy  Worldwide.

Khan Academy has been in talks with major institutions like W3C  Schools, Google Code University in order to provide well defined tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Python, and many more computer languages. 

A person can learn about computer science basics to programming to even animation over these video tutorials. Khan Academy has really changed the meaning and perspective towards online education. Currently Khan Academy had delivered 179,145,998 lessons on Maths, Sciences and other subjects.

Have a look at this introductory video on the new tutorial by Khan Academy on Computer Science to get a good overview of the dynamic web portal.


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