Several times a simple software installation is packed with many some really unwanted apps like toolbars, also known as Scareware, that are of minimal or no use at all. Ofcourse if you pay attention during installation you can save yourself from installing unwanted applications, but a average computer users who forgets to uncheck the checkbox gets a surprising and annoying dose of these unwanted programs, putting your privacy levels at stake to these Fraud Tools. 

Keep Unwanted Application Installation Away While Installing Software with Unchecky

Keep Unwanted Application Installation Away While Installing Software with Unchecky

Well all these concerns are addressed by Unchecky. A simply software that will keep all the unwanted app and adwares away from system.

Features of Unchecky

  • Automatic Program Unchecking: Unchecky’s main feature is automatically unchecking all the adware, unwanted programs, and also those offers that change your homepage or your search engine. Unchecky installed all these programs will only be installed if the user exclusively opts to install it, which is not the scenario in general case.
  • Prompt Warning: If the users chooses to install these programs then Unchecky warns the users that they have opted to install an unwanted application or offer. So Unchecky keeps a check on these unwanted programs even if a installer unknowingly accepts the offer.
  • Constant Update: Unchecky might not support installers which are yet to be released. But it is constantly updated and one need not run the latest version of Unchecky everytime.

So give Unchecky a try and tell us how did you find it. The beta version of Unchecky can be downloaded from and dont worry from here you would not get and unwanted app installed into your system 😉