iOS since starting have been one of the most sort after operating systems, and with every new update we have seen some new update and some amazing new features. We recently saw the launch of the new iOS 7 , and it has been termed as the “most significant” iOS update since the original iPhone. We will now have some great new features like iOS 7 introduces great new features like Control Centre, AirDrop for iOS and Smarter Multitasking, Biometrics. And all above the user experience of the new iOS will be much more enjoyable and faster. In short with the launch of the new iOS 7 operating system we will be handling one of the smartest and advanced phone till date.

iOS 7 Key Features and Security Updates

iOS 7 Key Features and Security Updates

Apple CEO Tim Cook was super excited and confident that on 18th September when iOS 7 will be available for free, in no time it will become the most popular operating system, as it has got everything that makes a user experience brilliant.

Security and New Features of iOS 7

Touch ID (Fingerprint Recognition/ Biometrics)

Fingerprint recognition is the futuristic feature of the new iOS 7. The new touch ID will be able to recognize the fingerprint of its owner. Apple’s new fingerprint recognition hardware, will be available on the new iPhone 5S. Most of us have personal information stored on our phones like credit card credentials, bank account details etc, so the new fingerprint recognition is one killer feature and security feature in iOS 7.

Control Center

Control Center of new iOS 7

Control Center of new iOS 7

iOS 7 offer pull up menu from any screen and app that the user is using, so it will offer an easy access to common settings, wi-fi, camera and others features that are needed frequently.

iCloud Keychain

iColud Keychain of iOS 7

iColud Keychain of iOS 7

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s new password security feature that comes with iOS 7.  So for anyone who is not good at remembering passwords iCloud Keychain can come to rescue.  With iCloud Keychain all your important details like account names, passwords and credit card details, will be remembered by Safari and will automatically enter the desired webpage when a user login. However it will not store your credit card security code.And Apple is all confident over it 256 bit AES encryption which makes the users data highly secure. iCloud Keychain will also be available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac.

Find My iPhone (Improved Version)

Find My iPhone just got updated for the new iOS 7 operating system. With the new Find My iPhone turned on, onone will be able to erase the data of the phone without its owner’s Apple ID and password, and the owner can send custom messages to his iPhone from anywhere and access his phone remotely.

Siri in Male and Female

Now you have the option to choose from male SIRI or female SIRI (depending on whose voice you like most :)) SIRI in iOS 7 Siri can now look into more resources like Bing, Twitter and Wikipedia and is capable of even playing your voicemail, return your phone calls and also read and reply to the text messages sent to you.

Camera Options and Photo Filters

iOS 7 Camera Filters

iOS 7 Camera Filters

The camera of iOS 7 has four options now i.e.

  • Video
  • Regular Stills
  • Panorama Photos
  • Square Pictures

Photo filters can also be applied to the pictures either before of after clicking shots, and even remove the filter incase you do not like it. The camera of new iOS will also be organizing your pictures according to date and time and thus making the photo search easy.

Other Updates of iOS 7

  • Ultimately Dynamic Wallpapers
  • Dozens of new ringtones
  • New Alert Tone
  • Echo to Lock Phone
  • Crisp Animation
  • New Plugin Alert Tone
  • New SIRI Activation Noise
  • FaceTime audio for high quality calls over a data network

iOS 7 GM Overview and New Features (Video)

The above mentioned were some of the key features and security updates of the new iOS 7. From 18th September iOS 7 will be available freely and will be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad with retina Display, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 16 GB/ 32GB/ 64 GB.

So make way people iOS 7 is coming to rock 🙂

Drop in your user experience with us and share your likes and dislike with us in comments.