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You Tube

How to Download Videos From ‘YouTube’?

With the increasing popularity of videos in youtube, viewers wants to download the video and they are finding it difficult to download, so if you see the download button, you can legally download this video easily without the need of a third-party application, so you

Send Files Upto 30GB for Free via Filemail

Send Files Upto 30GB for Free via Filemail

Send files upto 30GB in a fast secure and easy way to anyone you want and that too for free. Filemail is a free Web app where without registration or login one can select a big file and type in the recipients email and click ‘send’.

Stop YouTube From Promting to Use Your Real Name

Stop YouTube From Prompting to Use Your Real Name

YouTube is making every effort to put an end to filthy comments and remarks that is very common now under comment thread of majority of YouTube Videos. And because of the measure undertaken by Google asks all its users to use their real account name : To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser

Tools to Encrypt Files From Your Browser

Security is the biggest concern of any file transfer that is taking place. In any organization there are many file transfers that take place throughout the day, it could be work related or any confidential document that are needed by a colleague, friend. There are

Best Security App for Android

Best Security App for Android

There is is huge list of apps on Play Store that lets you protect and track your Android incase of loss. And with our smartphone becoming more and more important information about us it becomes all the more important for us to have an app

Best Domain Name Availability Checker Tools

Best Domain Name Availability Checker Tools for You

Ok answer me honestly, don’t you sometimes feel like pulling your hair off while searching for a good domain names ??? And the answer is YES. Well the truth is it is a very important business decision to choose a domain name that is easy

Firefox Phone The LG Fireweb with Firefox OS

LG Fireweb: The First Firefox OS Smartphone Unveiled

LG unveiled its first ever Firefox OS smartphone on Wednesday (23rd October 2013) Fireweb. The Firefox Operating System powered Fireweb smartphone flaunts a 4-inch screen with 480 x 320 display resolution and 5MP autofocus and LED-enabled camera. We had earlier seen Firefox OS on ZTE smartphones, but