image iPhone has been a revolution in itself for it’s users and Apple inc. alike, but some strange apps are surfacing every time or the other based on iPhone , this one is one of it’s kind and could be pretty useful for some travellers and enjoyable for iPhone freakers .

This app named Sonar Ruler can estimate distance between a remote object and your iPhone by sending small echo noise in a similar manner a sonar does for finding distances.

You can see a video demo , of what it does and how it works via the following video


This app is not precise but gives you a tentative idea of what’s the distance between you and a big object ( wall, building etc.) not good for finding distance between people , bikes or small objects .

You can read more about this @ laan lab’s and you can directly visit the itunes store for this item here 

I liked this app a lot, but cannot try it as I don’t own a iPhone yet , but the concept is awesome and i believe this app can be easily made for java and Symbian phones .