Installing Software from tar.gz Tarball Compressed Archive in Linux

This is for newbies in Linux who are trying to learn Linux and in the meantime require to install several apps most of them are available in the repository ( Ubuntu,Suse,Fedora etc .) , installing from repository is very easy but if you download a tarball or a compressed archive of the software package source code then you can easily install it  using these commands at your terminal ( command interpreter )

Assuming ,

  • You have downloaded a file named mytarball.gz(replace with whatever is your file name)
  • you are in the same directory as where the file resides

tar -zxvf mytarball.tar.gz



sudo make install

assuming that you are in the directory where you downloaded the tar.gz file, for more details on this and how it works, you can read a well written article by Joshua Price here, I dont think it would be worthwhile to repeat the same steps and explanation here .

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