Need to type in Hindi on any website that does’nt allows transliteration ( the way you write in orkut and gmail and Blogger ie. “kaise ho” turns to कैसे हो ) , well  then you can also act smart and write your message in blogger/orkut/gmail and then copy paste it to website where you want  transliteration


{ Type in Hindi }

Now, all you have to is just Drag and drop the above link “Type in Hindi” to your Bookmark bar , see in the image below,


Now, whenever you need to write in Hindi on any page using a normal english keyboard, just first go to that page , and once it is loaded click on the bookmarked link that says 

[अ Type in Hindi]

and yuo will see a message saying Transliteration loading and once it is loaded , you can see that typing into a text field automatically converts the words into hindi ,

You can try writing Kaise ho , tum kahan the , main tumse milne aaonga  and other such hinglish word and you’ll see they automatically get converted to hindi counterparts . Quick and amazing tool