One might notice a sharp decline in battery life on their iPhone after installing the interactive Google Now search app. One can even see a location services icon appearing on the status bar of their iPhone’s regardless of them using the app or not.

Google Now for iOS

Google Now for iOS

Google Now on iOS is built to provide you information to the user prior to even asking it to do so. The information can be in multiple form for e.g.

  • What is is the present temperature outside
  • How does the traffic looks on the way to/fro
  • What is the score of the match going on
  • Price of a particular stock in the market…etc, etc

With Google Now in hand one can keep track of  the above mentioned questions and more without you constantly telling your phone what to do. The information asked will be flashed in the form of cards to you. To view these cards all you need to do is swipe upwards from the bottom of Google Search app, and on the top you can see the cards waiting for you.

Turn off Location Reporting in Google Now for iOS

  • Go to Gear Icon on the top right, and then tap on Privacy
  • Scroll down and turn Location Reporting off via the toggle option
  • If you want you can clear the Location History and delete any previous location based information that is used and stored by Google

The above setting will turn off the location reporting feature of Google now. If you want to completely stop Google Now then you need to turn off Location Service totally. To do so follow these steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Privacy sub-menu
  • Select the Location Services sub-menu
  • Turn off Goggle’s location services

Let us know if this helps in saving your iPhone’s battery backup. But it sure is an interesting app see the video below to get accustomed to Google Now for iPhone and iPad. 

What Can Google Now Do For You (Video)