I blogged about this topic as once one of my friend Rahul had a problem wherein the eject/close button of his CD/DVD drive stopped working so he had no option rather to push the cd tray every time to close it and for opening  it , he used the eject option available on right click menu in Windows XP and Vista .

Eject CD DVD Tray

But , to close his CD/DVD tray he still had to use the physical push method, but you guys do not have to worry about same just download the following utility double click on the closetray.reg file , it will automatically add the close tray option to your right click menu of your DVD drive

You  also need to download
and put into windows directory, for the above registry hack to work .

Download – closetray.zip


Also you can try this Freeware software that does the same , but it opens in a separate window and you don’t get that ease of right click menu.

Download – HotKey CD/DVD Open/Close