Mozilla thunderbird is wonderful mail client but it lacks a very simple feature , which is automatic start in minimized form in system tray  so that as soon as your pc starts you get all the latest mails and they show up as popup from the system tray  which is much more easy than opening thunderbird each time you start your system


To launch thunderbird automatically at startup in minimized form in system tray just follow these steps


  1. click Start
  2. click All Programs
  3. right-click Startup
  4. click Explore
  5. Copy paste the Thunderbird Shortcut icon from Desktop  or The program files folder to this Startup folder
  6. Now right-click the Thunderbird listing
  7. click Properties
  8. in the Run line-item, select Minimized


In this manner you can easily start thunderbird in minimized form and focus on your work , while your emails get downloaded !