How to install iOS 6 on your device

By | June 12, 2012

The recently announced iOS 6 (beta) has generated a lot of hype from past few days since its initial spotting. Finally, iOS 6 has been released at the WWDC 2012 concluded yesterday. iOS 6 bought with itself a number of features including Facebook integration, revamped maps and a number of stability fixes. Only the beta version is announced yesterday, while the Gold Master [GM] version will be announced in the month of September. 

Users who can’t wait to give it a try can follow the methods below to install it on their devices. (P.S: We don’t recommend you to download beta version on your device as it is only for testing purpose).

You have to first make sure that your device UUID is registered under Apple Developer Portal. For this go to iOS Provisioning Portal and select Devices from the left menu. Click on upload devices from the right side and enter the UUID along with some description of the device. Also download iOS 6 beta from the developer center.

1. Download the recently released iTunes 10.6.3

2. Plugin your device and fire up iTunes

3. Click on your device name on the left side.

4. Press Ctrl (Alt +Option on Mac) and click on the Restore button from the right panel. A File Explorer will pop up, select the iOS 6 upgrade file that you have just downloaded and click OK.

5. iTunes will start the upgrading process and your device will be running iOS 6 Beta in no time.

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