How To Disable Cut Copy Paste Delete Rename Functions in Windows XP Vista 7 and prevent Accidental Data Loss

So, your technically naive wife just deleted all your important files accidentally or moved it somewhere else or renamed it and you are having trouble finding your stuff , then it would be good to try some recovery software first  and then also take proper care that such incident is not repeated in future .


image thumb5 How To Disable Cut Copy Paste Delete Rename Functions in Windows XP Vista 7 and prevent Accidental Data Loss

Now, this small utility Prevent is a excellent tool as it saves you from all head smashing after something worse happens, so next time you leave your computer just enable it and it will run in the background and it disables any Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete , Rename of any file or folder in windows Xp , Vista and 7 alike .

This is a freeware and it can be controlled via Hotkeys so that you can enable or disable it anytime , I recommend this for serious business or Tech users , who have shared computers and someone else in your family also uses your PC or Laptop .


Download Prevent Ver. 1  here

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  1. Ok, so i installed it, i love, but how do i autorun prevent but not allow the user profile to access it (because i don’t want them to disable the program)

  2. Windows Vista actually sucks, it is full of bugs and very unstable,.~

  3. if i use this method and some one turns computer off and get it restarted the program seems to produce to effective result as copy paste rename …. functions become active

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