Not many of us has tried our hand with Google Glass. Many of us has just looked upon the specifications that Google Glass offers. But no matter how much we read about the new Google Glass we would still need a tutorial that tells us about its features and uses. Keeping this in mind Google Inc released a video that explains how a Google Glass works. The video is perfect to learn about the touchpad, the timeline and how to share through Glass.

How Google Glass Works

How Google Glass Works

How to Operate Google Glass

  • To turn on Glass simply touch it
  • To change the setting swipe through the frame
  • Display will appear floating in the air a few inches away

First thing that a user will notice in a Glass is Clock which is going to be your first card. Other cards that are there in Glass are calendar, weather, email, travel, maps etc. The moment you tap on these cards more information about it will be revealed.

How Google Glass Works (Video)