How to Change Facebook Page Username

By | June 27, 2012

Facebook give the option of choosing a username for your Facebook Page for eg: once you gather minimum 25 likes, provided that username is not restricted or already booked. The unique Facebook username give a direct brand identity to your website or blog or any page in general. And thus it is very important to wisely choose a username for your Facebook Page.

Earlier once your have chosen a username for your page it could not be altered or changed, and the only option left with us was to delete the old page and create a new one at the cost of losing all your Facebook Fans that you have gathered. But this is not the case now. Facebook now allows altering or changing the username. Facebook has decided to do away with the policy for not allowing to change the username allotted 🙂

How to change facebook Username

Now you can change the username of the page by following these steps

Step 1:

  • Login to FB page

Step 2:

  • Go to “Edit Page” and then “Update Info” option

Step 3

  • Got to “Basic Information” and then “Change Username” option

Step 4

  • Select a desired username and Confirm…Bingo….Job Done 🙂

Things to remember after you change Facebook Username

  • The old username would no longer be your property and thus you would need to change the old username to new one from the places that you have mentioned it earlier over web
  • You would be allowed to change the username only once, so chose wisely and do not regret later on
  • You cannot violate anyone else’s trademark rights
  • If you are acquiring a username to sell it in the future (squatting), you will lose it
  • Username may be reclaimed for other unauthorized usages

Follow the above mentioned basic steps to change the username of any Facebook account or Facebook Page.


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6 thoughts on “How to Change Facebook Page Username

  1. niks

    Nice Info ….thanks for sharing .

    there is a typo mistake … “Upadte Info” in step 2 …..

  2. meghna Post author

    Thanks Nik for pointing out the typo…Rectified it…Cheers 🙂

  3. David

    Good info – thanks for sharing. I do have a question. I have fb page A and fb page B and they are both for the same organization, but created at different times. FB page A has 20 likes and FB page B has none. I want the username from FB page B to used for the organization and we want to consolidate to 1 total page. If I delete fb page B (which has the username we want) and change the username on fb page A (looks like it will allow me to change it but fb needed to send a text…?) to the username that was used for fb page B – is that possible? So, once the fb page B is deleted is that username fair game again? Thanks!

  4. meghna Post author

    Hi David,
    You can change / delete the FB page B and use that username for another fb page. Once a username is changed then the previously existing username become free to use by anyone.

  5. David

    Thanks! Here’s a variation on my previous question. If I merge FB page A & FB page B and they become FB page A, will the username for FB page B be immediately available to be used as the username of FB page A? Thank you!

  6. meghna Post author

    Yep the username for FB page B will be available as soon as you drop it 🙂

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