Get Galaxy S3 Smart Stay feature on your Android Smartphone using ISeeYou

By | June 18, 2012

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S3 bought with itself many innovative features, one of them is Smart Stay. Smart Stay prevents Galaxy S3 to go in to sleep mode when a person is looking on front screen of the smartphone. You might have faced this issue on your Android phone when you are reading an eBook or a web page and suddenly your device goes to sleep, this can be annoying at times. Smart Stay uses the front camera to detect face and motion. 

Although Smart Stay is a proprietary feature from Samsung, but you can get it on your device using a third party app called ISeeYou. The ISeeYou app which recently made its debut on Google Play Store is available in two variants, paid and free. As always the free variant comes with some limitation, while the paid version is priced at $.99. The only difference between the two is that the paid version allows you to change how long the front camera will search for a face and the scan interval.

If you are interested we would suggest you to go with the paid version because the free version sucks more battery and it is not configurable. Also note that a device with front facing camera is required to make this app work.

We will recommend you to try this app once.



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