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Google Search Tip Calculator

Some Lesser Known Google Search Tips and Hacks

We depend on Google a lot, and search the minutest detail almost everyday. Google offers various tools to help us do much more things rather than just searching, few of them are known few of them are mentioned here. Have a look at some of

Obama and Romney

US Presidential Elections: Hilarious GIFs

United States of America is witnessing one of the most important event of all time i.e the US Presidential Election. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are making every effort to popularize the Presidential campaign. On Wednesday (3rd Ocotober 2012) both Obama and Romney came face

Fart are Flammable

Farts are Flammable: Do Not Try This at Home

Okie now, this is a fact…Farts Are Actually Flammable…!!! And regardless of gender all farts are flammable  The term of Fart Lightening is also known as Blue Angel or Blue Flame because of the blue colored fire it bears. It might seem hilarious but fart

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Funny Nikon Face Detection Advt

I Think Everybody knows what “Face Detection” in a digital camera is ? and If you answered no , then well it’s just a facial recognition technique by which a camera detects faces in a photo that is to  being taken and automatically smoothens /