New chrome beta launched is showing really high performance gains with every new release to be the fastest & more javascript friendly browser.

You can see results of V8 benchmark suit on Chrome5 beta & results are


Well, for thoe wondering what is V8 benchmark ( It’s not some new 8 valve engine anyways ) . It’s a open source javascript engine built by google for it’s chrome browser learn more .

Also as we can see from data given according to net applications, IE is below 60%:

The Global Browser Market Share in April 2010


the above survey shows that other OS’s have lot to do to get over internet explorer yet as IE is still in majority even though faster & secure browsers like Chrome, Opera & Firefox do exist , but as Windows easily ships it’s browser with the Windows OS , so it automatically achieves the greater share 🙂

From my personal experience I like chrome a lot, but absence of plugins/addons equivalent to those on firefox make that cruising experience bit annoying but for general browsing Chrome is Awesome